The praise & worship ministry is seeking “true worshippers” as described in John 4:23-24, expecting you to be so during rehearsals and services as well as during the rest of the week. This means carefully preparing your heart for worship through prayer and study. Our spiritual preparation has a direct effect on our effectiveness as a worship and music ministry team. Preparation also means coming to rehearsal and services ready not only to sing, play music, or work the equipment, but to worship the King and minister to His people. It cannot be emphasized enough that worship, not music, is our first priority.


You may submit a new song for the choir or praise team to learn.  The process of selecting songs is based on what will best support the Pastor’s message and what will evoke the greatest Praise and Worship experience...

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Looking for serious minded choir members that have a desire and gift to direct or teach songs.  The Director/Song Teaching Mentorship Program is a great place to cultivate your gift. 
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BT Choir Members can audition for the lead part of any (current/new*) song.  Auditions will be held on a Thursday evening, immediately after choir rehearsal.  You will be contacted by the President on which Thursday is scheduled for your audition.
*New song that has been approved and introduced to the choir. 
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