You're Invited! Easter at Bethel Church.


Pre-Register Your Kids
We want to make sure your child has a basket reserved for them
so please register for our Annual Build-A-Basket Children's Service.

God has great things for your life.
Come start that journey at Bethel Church.
You're going to love it!


Easter Sunday Worship Service
APRIL 21 @ 11:15 AM
What to expect...
 ►Dress how you want.                                            
 ►A lot of awkward moments.                        
 ►Upbeat music.                                                 
 ►Teaching from the bible that you understand and apply.
 ►You'll laugh alot.                                              
 ►Focus on Jesus.
 ►Great program for the kids.                           
 ►Simple ways to meet people and get involved.      
 ►Free coffee and doughnuts.                            
 ►Service last for an hour and a half.
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